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Top 5 Asheville Restaurants

Asheville has a lot to offer when it comes to a night on the town from events, to concerts, movies and more. However, the first stop for a night on the town is usually to grab a bite to eat. If you are looking for some of the best local Asheville restaurants, we have put together a list of the top 5 restaurants around Asheville based on reviews left on Google.

  • The Corner Kitchen LogoThe Corner Kitchen – American Cuisine
    The Corner Kitchen is located in the historic Biltmore Village and offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner every weekday. On the weekends they offer a Saturday and Sunday brunch. The chefs offer up a unique twist on a wide range of American style foods such as wild striped bass, Jamaican jerk smoked chicken, and a teriyaki glazed New York strip steak. Don’t forget to save room for dessert here, their souffle is a crowd favorite.
  • Nine mile logoNine Mile – Caribbean Cuisine
    Nine Mile is located in the Historic Montford district of Asheville and serves a unique blend of Caribbean inspired pasta and rice dishes, as well as a handful of daily specials. They also offer a variety of locally made desserts. Nine Mile also serves up numerous different vegetarian dishes for those who are trying to find a great vegetarian dining option.
  • curate logoCúrate – Spanish Tapas Bar
    Do you love sharing small plates at a restaurant? Cúrate Tapas Bar is the place for you. Cúrate offers a large menu full of traditional Spanish cuisine. Tapas is small Spanish savory dishes, typically served with drinks at a bar and often meant for sharing with others who are with you. This restaurant is a great location for a fun-filled night out with friends.
  • chai pani logoChai Pani – Indian Cuisine
    This fun, affordable, and delicious Indian restaurant has been nationally recognized for their food by New York Times, GQ Magazine, Huffington Post, and more. Chai Pani, slang for a cup of tea and an little bite to eat, offers some of the most delicious Indian Street Food around. If you haven’t had the chance to experience some of this unique Indian Street Fare, we recommend you put this on your list of places to try next.
  • Cucina 24 – Italian Cuisine
    Cucina 24 LogoThis Italian eatery has an every changing menu that features only the freshest seasonal and local ingredients giving you an ever changing variety of locally flavored dishes. This is a great place to come back to again and again to keep trying the latest and greatest culinary creations the Cucina team has come up with.