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Archive | October 23, 2020

Asheville NC: Leading the Green Initiative

Asheville NC: Leading the Green Initiative

Asheville NC is known as one of the healthiest and greenest cities in America. The city invests in its own sustainable future by pursuing renewable sources of energy generation and involving the community in decisions — not only to include them in the process of making their city a better, greener place to live, but also to hold the city and participating organizations accountable as they adapt to changes. 

Already in Asheville NC there are existing sustainability movements with big goals to move the area to 

100 percent renewable energy city-wide in the coming decades. Asheville encourages residents to pursue clean energy in their own homes through education about energy-saving practices and by inviting them to participate in committees working to identify the areas with the highest energy usage and find ways to reduce consumption. 

It’s not easy being green. It takes a lot of work on both the individual and community levels to push forward environmental change. Residents, local farmers, and environmental activists use a grassroots-style approach to incorporate green choices into every part of their community, from where they live, to where they grow their food, to where they do business. 

Sustainable Living and Food

It’s easy to make responsible decisions about food when you have so many nutritional options at your fingertips. Embracing organic produce and the importance of healthy food choices is a core part of Asheville’s culture. Local restaurants, co-ops, and farmers markets all source locally-grown organic produce that feed a healthier and happier populace. Events and organizations like Organicfest and the Organic Growers School educate and celebrate organic produce to make the process of growing your own food more accessible for all.

Environmentally Responsible Building Practices

Sustainable living is a part of daily life for Asheville residents — from how they build their homes to the causes they support. Programs like Green Built Homes and Asheville Greenworks provide residents with opportunities to choose sustainable materials and practices or participate in volunteer-led activities to promote a healthier environment and support local green space.

Municipal Green Initiatives

Asheville NC has implemented city-wide initiatives to support greener practices, educate citizens about the importance of sustainable living, and hold their own offices accountable. They hope their actions set the bar for cities across NC and the country, and demonstrate their commitment to building a green future for the residents of Asheville. The city is aiming high, setting goals for the short term that will take them closer to long term aspirations:

  • Rely 4% less on nonrenewable energy sources every year
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of municipal utilities by 80 percent by 2050
  • Power municipal operations with 100 percent renewables in 2030

Whether it’s for their progressive environmental initiatives, a huge variety of organic and nutritional food options, or their educational resources for sustainable living, it’s not difficult to see why the city is known for its environmentally-conscious way of life. If you’re looking for a place to call home near the green city of Asheville, NC, contact TFM today! Give us a call to learn more about our available properties in the desirable Western North Carolina area.